BetterApp is anonym, secure, fast and PGP-Encrypted.

We use Public and Private PGP keys to ensure that every message sent has maximum security.
Every message sent through our BetterApp-Service is 2048 Bit PGP encrypted so no one can read the messages you are receiving or sending.

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About BetterApp

BetterApp Messenger is a fast and
secure PGP encrypted chat app

In times of data retention, we grant secure PGP encryption and guarantee that we do not store any personal data.


Powerful As Always


Our service does not store any personal information or telephone numbers.

Easy Register

Registration requires only a valid username.

PGP Connection | Logging

All our traffic is encrypted with PGP before sending it.

We also do not save any logs like chats or IP-Addresses.

PGP Keys

The server keeps only the public PGP key of the users in the database. All messages that can not be delivered immediately, are PGP Encrypted on our server until delivery.

No Server Decryption

The BetterApp team has no key to decrypt your messages on our server.

Android & IOS

We support Android and IOS as well as running BetterApp in the browser of your choice.

Our features

Our Approach of Design is Prety Simple and Clear

BetterApp is pure privacy while writing a message to any of your friends. Messages you write to a friend is always encrypted with a 2048 Bit key which is created once you login for the first time on a new device.

YOU and ONLY YOU can decrypt messages recieved from your friends. If a friend is not logged in, you can´t write him a message until he logs in on another device.

Easy Notifications

BetterApp uses Push-Notifications to deliver you the best experience.

Fully Responsive

BetterApp runs on Android or IOS devices as well as in a browser.

Editable Settings

Messages can be saved from 1 hour or up to 7 days


You can download the app at the IOS- or Android-Store with the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetterApp for free?

Yes BetterApp is completly free of charge. You just need to download / install the app and register your username.

Can I somehow retrieve a lost token?

No, the BetterApp Server only save token encrypted after initial sending it back to the newly registered user.

How save is BetterApp?

As mentioned before, we use PGP to secure our chat. PGP is currently the safest method to encrypt data for someone.
Wiki article about PGP

Where are the messages sent to me stored when I´m not online?

Your messages are stored secure and PGP encrypted on our server.

Do you save any logs?

No, we do not save any logs on our server. Every message is deleted when it was delivered to your device.

What encryption do you use?

We use 2048 Bit PGP RSA key size

What kind data do you save?

We only save the username, the encrypted token and the Public-key generated by your device for the current login.

Why do I only need my username to register a new account?

BetterApp has a very efficient login- and user-system.
We don´t want to save any user data, so after you register an account with your desired name, our Server automatically creates a random 9 digit number (like an ICQ-Number) which is unique for your account. Now you only need this number and your username to log in again with all your saved friends.

Why is PGP save?

The PGP-Algorithm creates a 2048 Bit RSA key pair containing a Private- and a Public-Key. The Public-Key is used to encrypt messages sent to you on the sender´s device. The Public-Key now can´t decrypt this encrypted message anymore, only the Private-Key saved on your device can decrypt it now.

Can the BetterApp team or someone else decrypt my messages?

Only you can decrypt the messages with the Private-Key hold by the device you are curretnly logged in with.

What browser are supported?

We recomment Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi.

What is the token?

The token is unique for your account and is used to log in again on another device with all your friends.